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And, I am no longer interested in publicizing  sites for free as it does take an effort on my side to write a post.

Please note: Please mail me when you are serious because sending a mail and not replying later on is pointless.

I am: Maansi, in my early twenties( and yes, the status will be same for couple of  years );unmarried(again will be same for couple of years); obsessed with nail lacquer and shoes; a bit of a nomad; foodie; an animal lover and most importantly, a shopaholic.

I work in email marketing. Yes, I am a part of the system which sends you those emails; some of which you appreciate and some of them you detest. I'd like to think I belong the emails you like category!

The Blog was started in: August 2011

What's with the 'Emm'?
Nothing, really. That's just my *morphed* initial.

I started writing this blog because frankly, I just have a lot to say on everything!Oh! I also buy a lot of stuff and if you are a careful buyer  these reviews might help you in making a choice.(If you're one of the careful ones, do say hello.)

I was chosen as  the Notable Newbie at the Blogadda! (On 23rd Aug 2011)

Note: The opinions are always going to be honest. Also, please don't even consider sending me mails to change my actual opinion about a product/service to something favourable because that is not how I operate.

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