Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dupe Alert: Zoya Izzy from Holiday 2011 Gems & Jewels Collection

I had seen a swatch of Zoya Izzy from Zoya Holiday 2011 Gems & Jewels Collection and I thought what a pretty colour. This can brighten anybody's day as well as hands. Then, today I was going through my stash when I had a Eureka! moment.

The smart people over at NYX made a dupe of Zoya Izzy years before it was launched.Lol! Seriously.
Artificial Light.No flash.

Tadaaaaaa!! *Drum rolls* Presenting....... NYX Sunrise. It is like the Pefectt Dupee. Same shade.Same shimmer. Same metallic effect.Thankfully, not the same price!

Zoya Izzy (Limited edition) retails for US $ 8.

 NYX Sunrise  retails at USD 5 @ Cosmetix.in 270 INR  @ cherry culture USD 3.99


  1. That is one coat of Nyx or two? Colour sure is pretty.

  2. Oh I forgot linking it, that's 2 coat from what I remember.

  3. I love the Holly from Zoya Holiday 2011 Gems & Jewels Collection. Its a beautiful color. The one you are wearing is pretty cool as well. The whole concept of doing dupe posts is supergood :)
    & yes thanx for visiting my blog and commenting :)
    Am following you now :D

  4. @Swarnali, I like all the Zoya Holiday 2011 shades and you're welcome:)

  5. I wanna buy a few zoya's ..BTW: i can comment on this from office but not on the ID thingy u put..and I need more tech talk posts!! my blog looks all rukha sukha..wanna add some funky gadgets


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