Monday, October 10, 2011

Baba Ramdev-Patanjali’s Kanti Neem Soap

I went out to shop because I had nothing else to do and bought this soap because it was cheap. I buy anything if I get that Omg! It is so cheap feeling. The SA said it will make my face clear in no time. I went home and took the soap out of its package. Suddenly, it felt as if air was full of Neem and only Neem. You know, the kind of smell when you burn a bunch of Neem leaves (try it if you want, it supposedly drives the mosquitoes). I kept it in the soap dish in the washroom and the smell was strong enough to overpower the air-freshener as well. Later, I read the ingredients and realized it was because of the Neem oil in the soap.

Patanjali Neem Kanti Soap

What the product claims:
Useful in rejuvenating, nourishing & glorifying the skin. Useful in removing dryness and roughness of skin.

Dark green coloured soap

What it does:
The first time I used it, oil-drips-from-my-skin-all-the-time kind of skin became so very dry that I had to use a lotion. But even this did not help so I smothered my face with cream and I cursed myself for buying without thinking. I was living with a mother of all the zits at that time. However, the next morning, I noticed that the size of that pimple shrunk and it had started drying on the surface. I finally figured out a way to use the soap, I use it only on the zit. About the soap’s claim? I don’t think it matches any of the claims but serves an entirely different purpose.

You can also use it if you have some skin ailment; just make sure you apply oil before you take a bath with this soap even if you have oily skin.

I hope you can read the ingredients.

Price:  Rs. 12  for 75gm

Why you'll like it:
  • It is only 12, that’s like one Kit Kat( or two perks and two eclairs)!
  • Dries the zit like magic.
  • If you don’t like it, you can throw it away without any guilt.
  • You can use it instead of air-freshener if you don’t mind the smell of neem.

Why you won't like it:
  • It makes the skin so very very very dry.
  • You end up smelling like a neem tree :P


  1. works on acne/zits..i must give it a try then !!

  2. It worked on mine but be sure to use some lotion with it:)

  3. I don't have so many zits but sometimes got occasional ones which makes the situation difficult..okay I'll give it a try.

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