Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vega Premium Collection Wooden Paddle Hair Brush Review

A friend was ordering the Vega Wooden Paddle brush for herself and considering my soon-to-husband decided hadpofying? Borrowing and not giving back? my old Vega Wooden Paddle brush, I ordered one too.

Vega Premium Collection Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

And, yes, I will be getting married on this 19th February and telling people that has been one of the most awkward things I have had to go through. I don't know how people breeze through it. I never though I would crib about shopping but I so do now!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Little Door, Pune

In general, the problem with going out in Pune is that you either go out to eat or you go out to drink. If you want to do both at the same place, you will be left with limited number of places, especially if you are a vegetarian!Usually, I am offered a choice between Paneer and you know, Paneer.

I was pleasantly surprised when at The Little Door-Pune, I was offered amazing variety. For the non-vegetarians, you have a wider menu to choose from(literally).If your agenda is to drink and eat and drink some more, this is the place! Their food menu is varied and the bar menu is even bigger. I'd suggest trying out Vol Au Vents, Cottage Cheese Ratatouille, Lambonioni, Popper Pops and Rum Drum. The Drunk'essert aka Rum Drum deserves a special mention for making alcohol taste heavenly.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

SOS Organics Vanilla Lip Balm Review

I bought this lip balm because it was on discount. I think I bought it from Craftsvilla for 40-45 INR. I didn't really have any expectations so, it technically didn't let me down.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Butterfly Pink - Grey Peep Toe Flats

I buy shoes to keep myself happy, but I do have to pay the rent and eat; so, I look for deals online.
Moreover, thanks to e-commerce website, I don't have to move out of the house to look at shoes and I just have to go to work in order to get them. Anyway, I have made a lot of blunders in shoe-shopping even though I do a lot of research before buying any new brand online. To make the matter worse, more and more brands keep coming up with no standard sizing. I ended up buying some flats which were supposed to be size 41 but, they were size 38, at best.